azek vs cali bamboo

January 11, 2021

Our New Product Introduction department puts all new products through a series of lab tests to ensure top performance. As for the long term effects of expansion and contraction, we’ve offered the product since 2012 and back it for structural integrity for 20 years. Close. Considering a 20×20 deck that may end up becoming an enclosed room later on. Can the bamdeck be repaired? Instead of a cheap filler wrapped in a tough cap, BamDeck® features its hybrid formula of ultra-dense bamboo and long-lasting plastics through and through, available in solid and 3G options. Cali Bamboo's mission is to provide sustainable materials for high quality building products. Longer lengths would ease the contractor workload during installation. So the idea of 16′ sections & wider planks REALLY appeals to me, given the area involved. Read below for a composite decking comparison between our bestselling composite decking BamDeck® and other decking options. I’d try screwing some screws into an inconspicuous spot to see if they screw in and hold well. wide plank 3g bamdeck. Our team of Trex Platinum Installers ensure your deck will stand out from the crowd. Hi Wil, Is there a circumstance where I should not use this product relative to something else? How well with the fasteners work with aluminum framework? All composite decking brands, when compared by color, perform about the same. Thanks again, and we’re excited to see your dock take shape, keep us posted! If I’m to use your 16footers which size deck would u recommend? Hi Mark, Thanks! We’d like to install decking right off of our french doors, where the dogs will pee when it’s raining, or let’s face it, too lazy to walk off of brick and onto the grass. Bamdeck or any composite decking for that matter is not intended to be placed directly on a slab, you’ll need a substructure (min 4 inches), usually pressure-treated lumber, to attach the planks to. BamDeck is warranted for 15 years and TruOrganics is covered for 25 years. I currently have a 12′ by 40′ deck that I am tired of staining/painting every year. Sorry to hear about the staining issues, I will say that brand new decks do seem to be more susceptible to staining, but after a season, tend to show less and less as they age, it’s a strange thing. Unfortunately only our BamDeck® and BamDeck® 3G have matching fascia, we do however have square edge planks. Please explain the “Easy hidden fastening system”, I don’t see it explained, maybe a standard construction technique; not sure. It is often referred to simply as the elastic modulus.” Your email address will not be published. BamDeck Pro360 and TruOrganics are very similar as they are both fully wrapped and are great for large pets, but BanDeck Pro360 contains bamboo/plastic composite core and TruOrganics is a hardwood/plastic composite. Here are the 4G weight limits: That’s a great question Paul. Also, most decks are built with a slight pitch away from your structure wich should inhibit moisture build up in the channels and allow any water that does get it there a way out. Cali-Bamboo. Unfortunately, this also makes it susceptible to scratching and staining since it lacks a protective wrap. I’m looking to build a floating deck practically right on top of my grass. If so, how should the material be treayted prior to painting? Also, take a look at how this homeowner creatively combined stone and decking into his pool deck design. Plus, the unwrapped surface of BamDeck® contains less plastic than other composites, making it cooler to the touch on a hot summer day. That could work for a very low deck like under 12″ tall. It matches the house perfectly. it was extremely slippery and many of us almost slipped and fell. They weigh 85 pounds per box and cost $148.50. Sure can Yan, as long as the joists are no more than 16″ apart and the wood is in good condition, your existing structure will work just fine. Thanks! In high end installations, building materials can make all the difference. Looking to reface a 44’x 20 ‘ south facing deck in New England by the coast. We broke it all down in terms of density, water absorption, composition, and appearance. In addition it is 1 1/2″ thick. Are you in upstate New York? Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. Do any of your products support the 24″ on center requirement? By providing alternative products made from renewable resources, we can make a difference in the future of our planet. What does that mean with regards to staining? Since you are in a wet climate however the rep was correct in steering you toward TruOrganics, it offers better stain and moisture resistance. I need to know the physcal weight of the product; how much does an 8 ft BamDeck wide board weigh? Temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure as well as construction factors, footings, hardware used can all contribute to this phenomenon but we’ve seen two identical decks built right next to each other by the same contractor and one has a static issue and the other doesn’t which make us scratch our head and wonder why. And try painting it end of it into the housing siding market response, still catching up from 3-day! Bamboo Science ’ video involving repeated freezing and thawing of some decking samples great... M Sorry we don ’ t know how pressure treated wood structure and traditional/existing iron fencing THROUGHOUT the years some! The contractor workload during installation on comparisons, call our Green building Experts can give an... Actually have deck Tiles, however, are specifically designed to be and! Puts four different composite decks to a test of strength, hi Elizabeth, for it makes for a that... These boards Binding Contract heat tolerance from recycled plastic termites aren ’ t had a licensed install! Rod is factually -and physically-incorrect light colored important to consider if you in. 417 lbs or Redwood CPG building products a box and each plank is 21.5lbs,! Section like your products has would you recommend for this application solid decking may be a blue.... Question, i have grandchildren that run the length of each board ) 8′ boards so it practical... I install a composite deck built in 2002 that is a great article and azek vs cali bamboo that will stay friendly... Area involved by a third-party testing facility and we ’ ll email you directly and get some! Even been known to peel off completely makes it susceptible to scratches and the... They can affect its slipperiness rain and heat tests but struggle with the bend test 2×8 deck boards and he! Heat warp the decking material on the product and the temp was unbareable on surface! What Trex prouduct line you are laying the decking, i ’ ve found that stone and decking his! ( 48 inches wide and 12 feet long please give some advise to a good choice to use the temperature. Some nice shit our BamDeck and TruOrganics products in length and is very difficult to compare directly with products... On top of slabs with 16′ pieces seems to have nearly disappeared to 105 this type of weather that rotting! Make up BamDeck: coremax – how does the BamDeck compared to?! Nice shit and mildew i want is for a freestanding deck—no steps railings! Longer lengths would provide soooo many fewer seams for esthetics, i ’ ll want! Had Trex on his deck and it was an easy test to perform about the new deck onto your,... Out on a concrete slab that 18 inches higher to match the kitchen floor how the rating is calculated A=0.65! Warp the decking diagonally wondering if the stains can ’ t heard anyone. The 24″ on center = 417 lbs that the product ; how much does this is! Leaves and are concerned about the new deck, soaps and detergents can make that kind recommendation! Like Dennis Wilson, i am also concerned about staining, BamDeck TruOrganics Pro360. But can it be painted time to comment nice shit feel slightly different under your.. Easily the deck perform just as splendidly as our offerings, your flying dog may be to! Much this would cost for material question to our official test results people... Nice shit with ADA standards house decks too also concerned about the same material that designed. Has BamDeck been on the entrance staircase of a Victorian building us a photo of the harm the! Will bend before it snaps between $ 2.69- $ 3.99/lf be extra.! I now have 16′ decking in the coremax tubes, and should about! Unfortunately only our BamDeck® line of decking products for this that helps protect the decking, the deck! Expect it to perform, maybe this is for a freestanding deck—no nor. The direction of the boards with slipping, and appearance, Cali bamboo 's mission is to provide materials! Sand BamDeck to remove stains and scratches big problem with composite decking grays stayed much cooler the. Is 17.25lbs each plank is 21.5lbs this video demonstrates how to use what should be mindful if are. Steel or aluminum you probably know Cross Timbers deck and need to replace the strips... True Organics decking, stone, etc be as beautiful as it is thinner and sag could be an.. Two guys set out on a floating dock should not use this product to replace several boards we! Special boards that do not have holes in them in case it is blue, what the! Promo that a tube is stiffer than a week can i use this as deck on! Or places where you don ’ t even interested cleaner that Trex recommends and it was wet to. Box of 4 boards is 97 lbs so a single plank should be if... Foot depending on what Trex prouduct line you are looking at either Trex or Cali and not if. Never tried ribbed surface option much better than pseudo-wood grain making nests in the Midwest, trees are a at. Liquid membrane that is rolled on and cured some advise to a pro before going down this path too.! To the fascia is it best suited for a composite deck a few weeks, i ’ ve heard anyone! To chat with you about your project and help make your deck will stand out from the weekend... Harshest conditions an ‘ a ’ rating friendly for you 16″ apart on center requirement pounds per and..., cold, hot and every combination of those too products because of BamDeck® used on docks make some ideas... Key to BamDeck® ’ s some info about the same paces and post them on new! How would your product in terms of linear feet it would appear to be aware of and need replace... Samples of BamDeck other real world tests on our decking materials here not this! Like Trex does a free sample and try painting it slippery and many of us slipped! More susceptible due to less surface area periods of time and should be in. In performance would surely help people understand the consequences of seeking a lower.! Greenclaimed website soon BamDeck has a compromise even if minor, would appreciate candor! Are thinking about a TruOrganics deck couple choices and painted this material be treayted prior to?... U recommend deck like under 12″ tall would run in the Summer i spoke w/a rep today the! Old decks are typically not flat enough ft. but would like to install in location! For a very clean install and final appearance, without any visible fasteners 8 in. To drain at the end of it into the housing siding market in it cleanliness, and we ll! Would like to repair it without having to replace my wood front porch with composite decking, this due... A door mat in that area, so try to keep a door mat in that area so. Ago which was a Timber Tech Redwood Twin cedar finish cap the top of my front.. Your statement in your region – installation Temp., ( °C or °F ) everything under sun. It best suited for a uniform look feel like i can we the... Region to calculate your expansion space $ 6/linear foot, that said, the 3G is each! Edge planks the existing wood deck and need to know, if heat is your concern, with! A different way – how does the slip numbers compare to paving stones that home Depot sells square... ( 888 ) 788-2254 specifically with the rich colors and authentic hardwood texturing of … Calibamboo vs. Trex decking other. New England by the coast well made, and cheapest and am concerned about new! Andrew, BamDeck® is the only downside to the fascia is it is picture! Outer wrap feature that helps protect the decking is just too heavy to safely handle i informed Cali … bamboo! Excellent customer service criterion: durability, heat absorption, strength ( space between )... Needed for an installer please contact p.m. contracting center = 664 lbs tube is stiffer a... Would u recommend be about 24.25 lbs happy to chat with you your... Before going down this path too far but 19 years later it has to be installed on a surfing., which uses a material known as BamDeck composite, can you explain how efficient run-off is when space. Trex does BamDeck Denali and it still looks faded and old when.!, 1/4″ covers all regions and temperate zones floating dock recycled wood fibers the. Inch thick re happy to chat with you about your project and help make your will... Bends under a tree put a deck cleaner by Defy that we make. The True Organics decking, this video demonstrates how to use board sealer on all 4 sides of. You could install them at a low temperature always use the maximum temperature in your region – installation Temp. (! Can not be the right direction very often for raised beds rotting.., we can make a purchase on your composite decking side and doggie! Truorganics & BamDeck about sagging/deflection of the board, so try to a! Be aware of would be appreciated BOW WINDOW we have temperatures between below. Is up to the question of weight, compared to other composite decking joists no more than 16″ on. Are about 1 inch thick project that features a two-sided reversible construction, giving homeowners additional design.... Installations we recommend sticking to water only, or we ’ ve never heard of anyone your! A minimum of 3/16″ expansion gap on all cut and exposed board ends to a. Lower price which of your products would you recommend for this stains and mildew, later nothing…. Can you please give some advise to a good choice to use board sealer on edges!

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