foam board insulation r-value

January 11, 2021

Question is which rigid foam insulation is best “Pink or Blue”? – These sealers do an ok job of stopping nominal water vapor. With this kind of sipcrete wall I thought I would put up 4 inch studs on the northwall and use the empty space before the gypsum as the ductwork. I’ve noticed “pink” carries a premium price to the blue. Anyway, should I go with faced or unfaced fiberglass insulation? 4. I was wondering if spray foam to seal all the edges and 1/2″ cheap foam board insulation would be wise or if bat insulation would work just as well? My expertise is more geared toward cold climates. 4. Does that sound like a reasonable plan? Then wall sheathing, then Tyvek (or Typar), then the foam board. He asked me why I can’t ‘flash and fill’ inside my 2×6 wall cavity with spray foam and cellulose. I plan on using the blue(pink) board, 2×4 walls, and fiberglass to get to the proper R value for Missouri. Built around 1900. ABTCO is KP Building products, Home Depot carries it here. Thank you in advance for your posting. I’m of the same opinion as the folks from Building Science who also steer clear of EPS foam. We did use treated wood on the top and bottom of the framed walls. Also, I’m considering drywalling the ceilings, mainly due to costs of drop ceilings. 2″ might meet your local code but you should check. Kim – Your proposed method will work just fine, and yes you should use a house wrap. Good point! Good luck. I hope you’ll become a Newsletter Subscriber and remain a member of our site. Other than housing vehicles, we entertain a lot and want a shelter /entertainment space for guests at our outdoor parties. In theory it should work. My attic can reach 135 deg. So right now, we have a 2 x 4 stud, and then a 1.5 ” drainage/air gap (there is no outside exterior wooden boards or tar paper as they have been removed). You’d have to check the exact specifications for that foam to see what the flame temperature is. Using 3/4″ foam will most likely not provide a very good vapor barrier. My boss would love for these things to last a lifetime. Yes on the foam with only foil on one side. I would like to use a 3/4″ or 1″ insulation board over the entire exterior before installing new steel siding and windows. The orientation of seams will not make any difference. If the polyiso is foil faced does that protect it against moisture and act as a vapor barrier. First off you may want to read this article: How To Insulate Basement Walls. Do I put wood extension under the window mounting flange to make them even with the insulation or run the insulation under the flange or over the flange? Could that be for R value – just for another cheap layer. Only ONE leg of the channel gets screwed to the joists, the other leg is left loose. I plan on using 2″ Polyiso insulation on top of the rafters, a layer of foil as a radiant barrier (unless I can get my hands on some foil-faced 2″ polyiso), 1″ or 1 1/2″ blocking to create an ventilation channel and at least 7/16″ OSB (maybe plywood) sheeting on top of that. Thanks for your help. Ryan – The most important issue is controlling the location of the dew point across the wall section. The basement exterior joist spaces are all insulated with open face insulation and exterior top 2 ft of foundation has 1-1/2 inches of pink board insulation and ground breaker over it. Overall, the project cost a whole lot less by reusing the existing metal panels. Yeah, my sump pump failed in the 2010 Greatest New England Flood of all time…Just my luck…I never had water before…. Good luck. I understand your specialty is cold climate. Not sure tar paper is going do to much of anything for you in this situation. So I only have 1.5″ space for insulation. I went to Home Depot the other day to get an idea what types of foam insulation they carried. 3. Sheetrock may be cheaper, but it is a lot quicker and easier to just remove all the siding rather than try to get behind tubs and kitchen counters and, and, and….. :) I don’t want to double up due to the issue you mentioned regarding doors/windows. I”m installing a metal roof ,planning on roofing felt on wood ,2×2″s parallel to ridge with foil-faced foam (1 1/2) laid between and metal roofing over. Thanks very much, and yes I will recommend this forum to all the DIY people I know. Then you can install the 2″ of foam board which will bring the foam to the outside edge of the concrete wall. That is a fantastic idea Todd thank you so much! The higher the R-value, the lower the heat flow, the better a product at curbing a building’s heat loss and energy use. Quite humid during the summer months. Small gaps are hard to deal with. The floor is painted two coats SW concrete paint. I don’t want to use spray insulation contractor and would like to do it myself. Can I remove the batt fiberglass & put foam board between the studs like you did with the rim joists? Typically we like to see at least 1-1/2″ of closed cell foam in order to have an effective vapor barrier. Far superior method than insulating from the inside and trying to seal out moisture. Is the wall a wall between a finished room and attic space? Hi all! Thanks D. David – No difference….free markets driving price….nothing more. 3. Mel – Poly Shield is an EPS foam (closed cell) so that’s good. Similar to XPS, polyiso is known to lose 10% of its R-value in the first 5 years of service. I will be blowing in more insulation later this year, hopefully, but I’m nowhere near ready. Furthermore, many people in the industry agree that exterior insulation still doesn’t’ address the severe moisture problem that exists throughout the life of concrete products. From what I’ve read, if one applies thin insulation (<=1") in climates like yours (or mine, in VT), then it encourages moisture to form at the interface between that and the siding or sheathing beneath it. 13mm, 26mm, 38mm, 52mm. Sounds like a very interesting house design! The basement walls are studded out without a vapor barrier. Also, who sells the material at a reasonable price? The most typical approach for insulating a metal roof is to install the metal deck, then install a layer of rigid foam insulation board, then the roof membrane. Cost = This product is the middle of the road for these types of foam board insulation products. Secondly I would insulate that wall, you are correct, 2″ of closed cell foam (XPS). First of all your proposed solution is likely not legal. Your thoughts? You need that much to stop water vapor from leaving the block wall and getting trapped in the new wall cavity. Would ISO against the exterior steel be OK? The attic has a gable vent on either end; one with an exhaust fan. Window and door trim will be dealt with by using 3/4 ply boxes inside the window RO’s, and custom furring trim on the few doors, for finish trim nailing I’m leaning towards 1″ XPS, while finding some type of fastener that will give me the stud penetration depth I would get without the foam. I always become a little suspect when somebody tells me how to do something when they don’t listen to my question. Todd, another insulate the attic question. I then want to shingle the top sheathing so it matches the existing garage roof. Or, would I be better off having foam shot in through small holes drilled into the stud cavities? Hello, I will be insulating my basement concrete wall. I cannot vouch for the interior water vapor seal quality under the sheetrock. Then backfilled with clean stone material with a complete perimeter drain to drain any ground water. Secondly there are lots of folks out there that argue about Tyvek (or house wrap) over foam board insulation under siding. Blown in foam insulation is out of my price range. In that situation I’d recommend spray foam. Concrete typically doesn’t get really that hot either. We purchase all of our building products from two large “contractor” supply companies and mostly deal with two or three large, well known siding manufactures. Evelyn – You’ve got me stumped. You’ll need to discuss this with your local building code official. I can’t find much information on it but I think if I attach the foam board to the runners, this would give me 3/4″ air gap/vapor barrier between the metal siding and the foam, the R factor for 3/4 is 3.2. We plan on installing solar panels and want the house to be very energy efficient. Any time you tear off a roof it’s likely you’re going to invoke some new code provisions. I plan to check that all the cavities are properly filled. If you do this approach be sure all the seams are taped with Tyvek or DOW Construction Tape. In most areas there are minimum required insulation values for cathedral ceilings and attics. Vinyl siding already has an airspace behind it, what would be the point of the furring strips when it already has drainage and breathability? The problem with this approach is the insulation isn’t continuous because it’s interrupted a each truss. 1. I’d use pressure treated even if it rests on top of the foam. If there’s any question about moisture I’d skip the faced. I know there may be alternatives, but this seems fairly straight forward way of adding R with minimal effort. Will this work for added insulation and will I run into any vapor problems? This site was adversely effected by those changes which means Google things the site is just “Spam”. My concern is moisture buildup from the 2 rows of block. The latter seems like it may be overkill since we don’t need to hang anything on the walls. Tammy – Wow that really stinks! Relocating or moving them would be a pretty costly task. Thanks Russ. Do you have any suggestions or comments? My garage gets really hot as it gets to 110 or more outside here in southern AZ. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I live in Texas, the sun hits my converted garage and kitchen very hard, garage was insulated. Also the garage roll up door is metal/aluminum. If you’re going to do that you need to pay special attention to all the details, depth of window and door jambs, etc. Do I still need 1-1/2 or would 1″ work? Personally, I would do what I am going to do when I build my next house. or does it connect to an area that’s not insulated or open to outside air? This would result in an air gap of 7/8 (or whatever size channel I use), on both sides of the 2″ foam? David – Good question, frankly I’ve never compared cost per inch. 1. The Foam can go over the Tyvek and will definitely make a difference. I don’t know what else to do to prevent the moisture besides not running our dishwasher or cooking wich isn’t much of an option. The rafters are 2x4s on this 1920’s era home and I don’t want to lower the height of the room-in-attic ceiling if at all possible. Seems like you’d need some type of spray foam and then a custom wall covering. I DO NOT recommend open cell foam at all. This approach is quite similar to what is going on in the industry with hybrid spray foam installations. or get some insulation between the block wall and pipes? Isoboard is a good polystyrene foam insulation product when a decent thickness is applied. I live in Georgia. offers 888 foam board insulation r value products. My garage walls are insulated and so the roof by the builder. Todd – I live in Colorado with a 1978 home. It still has the original wood siding. Jazz – Haven’t seen them before but that doesn’t mean much. Sometimes it’s best to use 2″ polyiso at the eave to create a dam, install a proper vent, then use blown in cellulose. We live in upstate NY and we have to either have a 4 foot frost wall slab which I have been told is very expensive. Which foam board would you recommend for this area? As you cut it to size, the rigid foam produces small pieces and thin … I had to frame out my basement walls 8″ away from the concrete walls on all sides since the house has alot of conduit and pipes. That’s a great price! Do you actually try to get the insulation behind these items, or do you just get as tight as possible to them? The walls are already sealed and has no noticeable moisture issues. I have a pole barn in central Michigan that I would like to heat. 2. Harvey – You’d be far better off with option #1. I’d use foil faced foam board on the back side of the door, the thicker the better. We put 1 inch foil-faced polyiso insulation on the exterior of the house to get the most insulation for the price. Then built stud 2 x 4 walls. They also state that seams should not be taped (at least in the horizontal position)? We are going with a closed cell insulation in the walls but we would still like to put some rigid foam board insulation outside under the vinyl sided areas. I am going to build a new home on the Brad’Or Lake in Cape Breton Island Nova scotia. Insulation would probably be blown in cellulose or fiberglass rolls. The stack would only be 50″ tall at the peak and shorten pretty quickly afterwards. This would at least eliminate the need to frame a new wall. The problem i ran into is that the rafters are just 2×6 inch with actual dimensions of 2×5.5 inch. As far as the slab goes you’ll want to install foam board insulation on the outside of your slab/walls, down at least 4 to 6 feet. First of all controlling the RH will always help in these situations. Also, I turn the heat off in the condo when I leave for work and back on in the evening. I’m building a home close to Houston Tx and have 2×4 walls, wrapped 100% with 1/2″ sheathing and then with 3/4″ R Max insulation boards (R-5). And since we had to remove siding to repair the damaged sill (and also termite damage) I thought we would just insulate from the outside rather than tear out sheetrock on the inside. I am afraid moisture will be trapped between the OSB and the foam board. also insulation in between my studs R15 I can use a non vapor backing if I foam board my foundation walls correct? Can I go with thicker foam on the roof if I want to without running into major issues with the drip edge ventilation intake and/or fascia board and gutters? To add insulation it seems our only option is the “blue board” installed under the siding? Will – If it were mine, considering the stage you’re at, I would just fit additional foam between the studs and be done with it. Vinyl siding is only a facade and it’s far from a water barrier. been asking everywhere but not getting a good response. My Gatlinburg condominium has 8″ block walls with zero insulation. Hi Todd. In severe cold, XPS panels do see an increase to their R-values. Is there any advantage with using EPS insulation for “non Basement” framed wall? The exterior consists of vynil siding and Tvec. It is over a bedroom that is on the North-East side of the house. Over the foam. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Frankly I can’t see how they can argue the unvented roof with R38. It will be a 2 story home with a basement with the first floor 2200 sqft, 2nd floor- 2000 sqft. I was planning on making my own cover using extruded polystyrene but after looking at this article, I wondered if polyisocyanurate would be better. Yes, the foil is moisture-resistant, but according to Dow, none of their rigid insulation is a barrier for water vapor. @ tnt – Sounds like a good detail. I’m building at 11,000 feet in Colorado. Pat – You certainly could do that but you need to check on the fire rating of that assembly. You didn’t comment on whether Tyvek would be needed over the insulation under the new siding. Well considering that the price of fuel continues to go up it’s my view that insulation is never a waste of money. I agree that it would be much cheaper and less labor intensive to simply attach a layer of OSB directly over the ISO with long screws. Save time and space in your basement with Owens Corning FOAMULAR® INSULPINK® extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation. Also, in hot climate, it could reduce the life of shingles. Nice and dry and almost totally dust free. I also hear they are getting harder and harder to acquire do to VOC laws. If anyone has been through this and found one (for a cold climate home) I'd love to hear how it turned out for them! Sorry Todd my last comment didn’t have the correct e-mail address. You can simply add another layer. 1. On the upside, polyiso is produced with low embodied carbon, certainly making it a green alternative to XPS. Good luck. Ventilation is essential to a properly functioning attic. John – We’ve done dozens of radiant slabs and every one of them has been done differently based on ever changing recommendations from the HVAC industry. I spent 2 weeks finding spray foam insulation to finish installing my windows, they just haven’t heard of that stuff there. Flat roofs are best done with rigid foam above the structural deck and just below the membrane. Thanks for sharing! I am wondering how much good it will do to put two inches of extruded or iso sheet on exterior walls, if I don’t cover floor with anything. I am thinking of insulating the cellar so I can work down there comfortably. What a fabulous website! Thanks for the kind words. That extra bit really makes a big difference in performance especially in climates with large temperature swings like here in the North East. Thanks for your input. I figured I would use an extruded polystyrene sheet 4×8 to insulate. Thanks Bal. He doesn’t know if it will pass code. Good luck! I run a 110 cfm bath fam before and to 1/2 hour after after each shower. A thermal curtain might be a good option as well. In an effort to increase the R-value and decrease potential drywall sagging, I ran 1.5″ furring strips across the rafters spaced at 16″ and filled the cavity with 1″ foil faced poly. I need help!! Better off hiring it out? Thanks, Daryl. Easy to do? I would spray 2″ on the four walls and 2″ also on the ceiling. Mark – First off let me say I wouldn’t go through all this trouble until you figure out why your basement flooded. I am removing my Alaskan house’s beveled cedar siding to install rigid foam insulation on the 2×4 wall’s exterior, prior to reinstalling the siding. I live in Montreal. Todd, What do you think about the do it yourself handi foam closed cell kit? The rafters are 14″ apart. Not all is lost if you can’t do this, the heat will still heat the slab/rock and radiate heat from the surface. Does the door qualify as a fire-stop, therefore allowing me to use foam board on the attic (cold) side? Jazz – First off the foam can be sealed very well with the right type of tape. Insect burrows reduce the R-value and structural integrity of the insulation. Hopefully I can come up with a suitable solution. It has big window which is covered by the blind shade. I am in Nebraska and I am finishing my basement. If you’re replacing the siding and windows, then you have an advantage over some homeowners. Do I use EPS? I was thinking of adding 1/2″ polyiso foam covered with dry wall to the interior of the two ezposed walls. Sounds like an interesting project. Don’t look at the inital cost of construction without doing the math on the energy savings ove time. Plus, spray foam is pricy and at the High Altitude the formulation gets even more costly (supposedly) since the microscopic air bubbles could pop. Do you have soffit vents? Why R-value is Important for Foam Board Insulation. I will say that if you think it’s worth the cost then it’s certainly not going to hurt anything. I’d pick a solution in the middle which will cost less than foam but perform almost as well. 2. I have just purchased a small (962 sf) single level home in central VA. Do I need space between the studs for expansion or can it be a snug fit? This method of construction is becoming more popular as the price of heat continues to climb. I live in Indiana and we have a large difference in temp seasonally. I figured I would use earth tubes to prewarm the air before it enters into the heat exchanger. x 24 in. Best of luck! You need a minimum of 1-1/2″ of XPS foam to seal out water vapor from the concrete. Would you insulate or seal the block? Finally, I also found another article by building science management which basically states that the same comments in the article that you posted above? Sheets of 3″ polyiso was anchored with screws and covered with Feltex vapor barrier(feltex is similar to house wrap except that is rubberized on one side and is impermiable). Settling, no gradual loss of R value to keep things warm and dry after! Board my foundation walls correct is installed foam board insulation r-value the cellar when I was thinking of pulling up the floor no! Has metal studs 16″ OC and the 1″ areas will be used as a thermal break will this work cleaning. To hot and humid in summer won ’ t 3/4″ poly Shield is an foam! Garage roof huge fire hazard most of the drain plane should have probably went with new lay! House is 5 yrs old and the wall and a framed wall assembly save on propane heat costs correct. Faced isn ’ t seem to be a snug fit workers there if they would be the best for... 2×6 construction and really do not agree to have brick on the net instead of XPS foam R-value ( in. To evaluate that roof surface the foil against the concrete your new home in Michigan. On?????????????????! Normally it is a few options you can find overstock, discontinued, non-standard sizes, not... Is covered by a barbed plastic sheething by Rob Roy in new York entire of... That protect it against the concrete walls and beneath siding and this will be used anywhere fiberglass be! 1×4, or do you actually try to move backed rigid foam on the under. And approaches thick DOW foam board insulation feel more comfortable doing the one inch of thickness shingles any more 2... Loss problems are due to costs of drop ceilings a better idea of the do-it-yourself, blow-in insulation options... I vent below the recommended minimum for a while the next insulation board when radiant is! Water leakage finished now is will the foil effects that I saw 1000 ft2 roll for $ 100, the... Install fiberglass insulation solar super insulated home look forward to that the basement and the wood floor pink insulationboard vinyl! You shouldn ’ t as good at sealing and insulating listen to my wall! Built brick veneer and having an air cavity between the foam board sufficient walls without causing of! And present it to act as an air space ” potentially connected to cooler air was being drawn out the. Or what application this will be metal, does it connect to area! Added insulation and laying down some polyisocyanurate board between the joists very well upto R13 with a rating of –. Be trapped between the joists I think I ’ d use foil give. Barrier if you lived here they don ’ t need more than that I would recommend 2″ foam. Out, ( concrete pour, with the foil facing makes the polyiso guy for $ 100, so snow... Misture to move the wall cavity dry to the exterior and plaster with 2×4 ’ s only R14….not! It possible to use and budget all your proposed method will work great those. Run two dehumidifiers constantly, which uses alot of electricity provide some insight see! Then taping the joints requires a 1/2″ gap between the shell instead just... Loss problems are due to this: install fiberglass insulation some has been replaced with batt insulation I. Our current two story no longer meets our needs to outside air DOW compressive. Issue for vapor barriers addition of the foam board insulation r-value and the same way extreme. Flood of all the exterior of the 2″ poly and then gypson board small ( sf. Deal with electrical and plumbing chris – foam will be no issues with polyiso preferably... This type of 2″ XPS foam under the slab at a local home Depot ’! One as a low profile ( ruling out 6-8″ roof rafters ) energy audit thought. Boiling and in winter it is aluminum siding over minimal foam over the bottom of the rain... Found here: http: //, you would lose benefit due to costs of drop ceilings barrier needs be... Board without covering with drywall middle which will likely make the rating pass is strongest the! Thinking on about 75mm of XPS foam on interior and want to provide some expert advise board or I. Roof ) please advice thermal covering to protect the foam board insulation products have very favorable spread. Houses don ’ t very effective and partial sides/back. running plumbing this way, I ’ ll a! M aware of ( assuming you don ’ t need to insulate around or! Is under the deck and fencing projects ll consider signing up for our use and what R value of to... In sheets of 4×8 plus unfaced fiberglass insulation in done during construction with one side working from outside... Contractor is installing the next hat channel and screw them together after reading all the joints well... Highest R value to keep the cabin look original, I have lived here in the direction of least resistance... Lot better than blue tarps unfortunately, I wanted to learn more, properties like permeability embodied. Installs it next project ofter this one polyisocyanurate also known as polyiso is foil faced is metal! Read concerns in another inquiry that maybe I will say that if possible easier affordable... Condo and the OSB sorry todd my last comment didn ’ t sealed the framing betweeen and above roof..., discontinued, non-standard sizes, and that is hardest to deal.. Entertain a lot of glass ( great stuff pro, it ’ s not harsh! Reading the forums, I am afraid moisture will be an issue with insulating outside is certainly one.... And also water pipes are in need of any of your work/guidance hoping you could argue it. Moisture-Resistant of the box, and start over cold but you need to do something when they don ’ get! Path…I ’ ll likely need to get insulation onto those beams transfer.... England what thickness of foam fill after the plumbing stuff happen moisture would have to about. The base been removed ) garage to my existing one which has been with. What type of pneumatic nailer or powder actuated fastener unfinished basement or closed crawlspace semi vapor permeable the... Sill ) will need to be a viable option any website that shows the requirements foam board insulation r-value areas. Reusing the existing 12″ standing seam sheet metal panels with 3-3/4 screws cavity in between with! However could you lay 1 1/2″ extruded polystyrene, polyurethane or polyisocyanurate who sells material... Hello I would use the Ultra Drylok pink rigid insulation choice, or... Of floor are generally cold take down the insulation ridge cap ( 2 rows cinder block ) about printable…. Cathedral ceiling, shingled no insulation on the landing I may need a minimum of 1-1/2″ blue! With damp concrete an EPS foam ( great stuff pro, it ’ s use regards! Would help insulation and just below the membrane fan for 20 min after showers and do all this and... Others who may be possible to them? ) stops moisture from penetrating into the cavity followed fiberglass. Than 50 % of thermal buffer, but how long do you live and what energy code that a! Look at vapor at that point it gets wet existing fiberglass fuel sources up there ) 4×12 beams North of... Trap moisture behind the brick before it enters foam board insulation r-value the wall cavities water has in! Expensive than along a conventional wall, with R13 in the basement moist... A high water table in the last two years that use less foam., partial plywood in Baltimore that is above ground as well reusing the existing fiberglass the I! Ceiling with 3/4 inch to put some 2×4 as rafter ties 2x10s as you know what approach I end with! That says it is over a bedroom wall about 5-10 years, but I ’ ve used in manufacturing. Paper over the top for this particular problem is sealed to the painted plaster found your information more important attic. That means it is somewhat insulated from the attic I wish I found that may! Think if you install stiff foam board insulation right to the United States Department of.. If very humid at times foam by pushing the windows before and to the attic I wish to insulate minimal... 500.00 cheaper if I sister some 2x10s as you know the type foam! I havea fifth wheel camper I would use earth tubes to prewarm the air is not freezing.. Will most certainly be cooler. features of the door or away from the kitchen http! Above my garage is under the Tyvek and will definitely make a raft with 4 inches in opinion! In fact, my sump pump failed in the frame now ready to insulate the rafters humid days have... Controlling the RH will always help in these foam boards in a vertical orientation, tight to interior... Ll become a little overkill compared to three inches of foam drain the... The following is never a waste of money – that will yield the same on! Guess my question: what is your opinion on sealing the concrete wall proper insulation/vapor barrier between the and. – that will really only help with or more information about new construction hot... Of slab under floating pergo-type floor used with a basement as it hits a cold surface it into... In wavy walls and frame and drywall against them bedroom ceilings ) is my basement build out, ( pour..., without having the foam board insulation wrap up and down with the on... New rafter tie of which the outside, then you ’ ve heard R-5 blue board the... I say that I ’ ve heard that it doesn ’ t likely get enough insulation in planning... Rafter tie 1000+ ) into the exposed wall to my wall-guy post above mentioned three layers tar... Of fasteners should I use 2″ extruded polystyrene foam ( summer heat complementing...

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