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“How To Downsize Your Home”

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How We Can Help Downsize Your Home

We have helped 100’s of people to downsize.  As the average square feet per home has increased to almost 2,690 square feet for new builds (up from 1,660 square feet in the 70’s) the demand for size continues to rise.  This creates a great opportunity for those who wish to downsize. We find that most people agree that downsizing isn’t losing anything, rather it is gaining back your quality of life.

Individuals downsize because of:

  • Changing family sizes (i.e. empty nesters)
  • Recognizing useless empty space
  • Being overwhelmed with maintenance
  • Planning for retirement

As your downsizing experts, we recognize that most agents are one-man shows with limited resources, funds, industry knowledge, time, and energy.  Where other agents lack, we succeed. With Yoder Real Estate, you get an entire TEAM of specialized professionals working for you!

The 3 Major Benefits to Downsizing

  • Enhance Your Lifestyle

    Arguably, the greatest benefit gained from downsizing is time.  The bigger the property or home, the greater the upkeep.  From yard work to routine cleaning, time escapes us quickly, taking away from other aspects of life we can put our energy and focus into.

  • Liquidity in Cash

    Having a hefty asset can limit your ability to generate other gains with more available cash.  Eliminating expenses and unnecessary costs will benefit your cash flow, allowing for much more enjoyment with a flexible life.

  • Gain Liberty

    Unused belongings, clutter, and senseless open space can all be forms of stressors.  The weight of extra “stuff” can hold you back and keep you from doing all the things you have dreamed of accomplishing.  When you let go of useless space and items, you will be liberated.

"Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it." -Leonardo Da Vinci